Fair Trade Finds…

My apologies as this post is very long overdue!! After visiting the Toronto Fair Trade Show a few weeks back, I’ve been very excited to report back on some of the new brands I had discovered there. There were two lines of jewellery in particular that I found had some really nice unique pieces.

The first was from UNIKATI, a beautiful summer piece that caught my eye because of the braided cord and neon yellow coloured glass beads in it which I thought was vibrant for summer! It is accented by hanging brass charms. It goes with so many things! Luckily they have an online store…I’m all about online shopping and these brands are worth bookmarking!  You can see it here and read about the artisans behind this piece of jewellery and explore their other pieces.  This particular piece was made by low-income women artisans in India, who are improving their lives through their work in a women’s cooperative that pays them a living wage, access to safe working conditions, health care and child care.

Here it is:


The second is from a brand called UNA fashion. This line of jewellery focuses on organic and recycled materials and this particular piece I purchased is made out of reclaimed metal from landmines and unexploded ordinance that had been collected by local NGOs in Cambodia.  I love their jewellery pieces and especially what they stand for and how they have managed to turn a very negative situation into building lives for artisans. You can view it here:


The prices are all reasonable as well!

For those of you looking for awesome fedora hats (men or women) or big summer glam hats for the ladies this is the place for you!  Don Juan Hats has great quality hand woven hats from Ecuador made from organic toquilla straw. I particularly liked this big brim hat for the ladies…great for the beach!


and this very cool fedora hat for men or women available in a variety of colours and patterns including classic off-white:


Until next time folks…happy shopping!

The True Cost

A moving documentary released on May 29th brings to the forefront the true cost of the fashion industry. It explores the depth of exploitation of its workers and the harsh impact on our environment.  The trailer alone is so impactful it will move you to tears.  Is this the only way?

Toronto Fair Trade Show back for its second year!

Fair Trade © Bob-Rz.deviantart.com
Fair Trade © Bob-Rz.deviantart.com

Finally, an ethical trade show of our very own.  The Toronto Fair Trade Show is the first of its kind in Canada.  Showcasing vendors with a range of fair trade products such as coffee, produce, chocolate, hand made jewelry and more.  Back for its second year, lets show our support!  Here is the link with all the details:


John Oliver tells it like it is…

John Oliver is hilarious and in a fun but serious manner tries to open our eyes to the horrible impact of the fast fashion industry on garment workers.  He implores consumers to question the reason the prices of their garments are so cheap and urges brands such as H&M, GAP, Walmart and Children’s Place to have more accountability in their supply chains, as being unaware is not an excuse anymore.  Brands will only change if we find the social issue important enough and hold them accountable for it.