It’s very interesting how life takes you down different paths and leads you into directions you never imagined you would go.  I had an idea of starting a women’s clothing line. When I started it was just that. Fashion. However, delving into research on the industry and manufacturing, the more and more disheartened I became.  The more I read, the more I realized how disconnected we are from humanism..what does that mean even?  I was appalled to see the sheer exploitation of labour that goes on at overseas factories, the poor working conditions, the next to nothing wages, the harmful effects the fashion world plays on the environment, the truth about conventional cotton, the lack of concern from big retailers, the list of atrocities goes on…

I embark on a new journey trying to combine my two loves of fashion and social justice into one beautiful, meaningful entity…a social enterprise that has come to be called Tru.   It’s not what I originally set out to do, but it’s what I have to do.  As a retailer, I would feel socially responsible for what goes on in my own supply chain and how I impact the world. The issue of sustainability in fashion means many different things to different people.  To me it’s about not harming or taking away from the environment or communities for the purpose of fashion. I don’t think fashion and ethics have to be two separate ideals but can work together to forge a meaningful relationship with one another.

I have started this blog to provide you all with insight into what happens behind the scenes in fashion manufacturing as it relates to humanity and the environment.  It’s a means to educate people with the facts about what I have come to learn and for you to be inspired to perhaps do your own research on the matter and come to your own conclusions. Times are changing. We are able to be much more informed consumers than ever before, which not only allows us to make better choices but allows us to put more pressure on brands to do the right thing.  My name is Seema Rizvi and this is my journey…

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