Syrian Canadians Start A New Life…one stitch at a time!

Given that it’s International Women’s Day today I thought it very fitting to share with you all this beautiful video of strong, empowered, motivated women. These women make me so proud to be Canadian!    All of them with their own unique stories of their past, their suffering you can see in their eyes when they speak, but their determination even stronger than their pain.

Mes Amis Canada has begun a social enterprise called ‘Darzee’ that trains about 20 Syrian newcomers in sewing skills in the hopes that they will be able to generate income from this new talent.  Many of them are already seasoned tailors and seamstresses back home and others are just beginning their journey to becoming experts in this skill.  What all these women have in common is drive, courage, and an appreciation for being Canadian.

Happy International Women’s Day to all of you amazing women out there!



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