My new shoes have arrived!


Most people that know me may find it odd that I’m getting excited over a pair of sneakers considering I don’t own that many…BUT these are not just any sneakers. These are organic, fair trade sneakers made from 100% natural rubber by a European company called Ethletic. A good take on converse with a social and environmental conscience.  Find out more about them at

2 thoughts on “My new shoes have arrived!”

  1. Cute sneakers, thanks for sharing. Definitely prefer my dollars going to companies who are promoting well balanced materials as well as labour. Would you say they are true to size (wondering since I would be ordering online!)
    Keep the ethical brands coming! I’m making a strong effort to support brands that are conscious and avoid others. Appreciate you taking the time to research these brands for us!

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    1. I would say they are true to size. They may be very slightly big but going a size down would be too small. Just wear thicker socks. And it’s my pleasure 🙂 Happy to know you are supporting brands that are making an effort to do the right thing!


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